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Our 2018/2019 AGM will take place at The Hamworthy Club in Magna Road, Canford Magna BH21 3AP on the afternoon of Wednesday May 8th.
Our keynote speakers will be Chief Constable James Vaughan and Dorset's Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, both of whom will also be available to answer questions. The venue offers free parking. All Dorset residents are welcome to attend.

New powers to deal with nuisance calls...

The government has introduced new Powers to Deal with Nuisance Calls regarding personal injury and PPI< br/>
Rogue companies making unsolicited calls related to personal injury claims or payment protection insurance (PPI) could now be fined up to half a million pounds New powers came into force on the 8th September 2018 that will see consumers given the choice to 'opt-in' to receive these calls. Previously people had to 'opt-out' of receiving such calls by registering with the free Telephone Preference Service or withdraw their consent while on the call.
Further details are in the full article HERE
Scam Alert: "Nottingham Knockers" active in the area.

Please be aware there appears to be an increase in reports of "Nottingham Knockers" across Dorset since the beginning of December.

So far they have left upon being spoken to by residents and goods have not been purchased. The Nottingham Knockers are described as young males with either Liverpudlian or Geordie accents asking for cleaning products to be purchased as part of their rehabilitation from prison. They are showing residents a peddlers licence which we do not believe to be genuine.

Can I please ask you to spread the word and encourage residents to do the following;
  • Do not purchase anything from anyone attending their address uninvited
  • Do not answer the door or allow anyone access to your property
  • Contact 101 and report to enable Police to map the locations the Nottingham Knockers have visited with times and any description
A PSCO will be contacting all the residents in our local area who have contacted Police in the past few days to offer them the above advice and reassure them we are aware.
Introducing AskNED...

For help in discovering which agency to contact regarding a particular topic, view Dorset Police's new Non-Emergency Directory... AskNED

Some other contacts you may find helpful are as follows:
New Crime Prevention Toolkits...

The National Neighbourhood Watch have produced 7 new Crime Prevention Toolkits

1 - Terrorism
2 - Domestic Abuse
3 - Scams and Older People
4 - Modern Slavery
5 - Child Sexual Exploitation
6 - Serious Violence
7 - Loneliness and Vulnerability

To access go to and click on Menu at the top right, then click on Crime Prevention Toolkits in the drop down menu

What is the Association of Dorset Watches?

ADW, the Association of Dorset Watches, provides a pan Dorset umbrella organisation, which is able to offer advice and assistance to many individual groups. The ADW is made up of a large number of community Watch schemes, including Neighbourhood and Home Watch, Rural, Farm, Horse, Speed and Harbour Watch. Together, the Watch schemes form a network, together with the support of the Dorset Police. Should an incident happen, police are able to put out a message via their Dorset Alert system, which goes out to all members of the Watch schemes. This system is not only used for gathering information from the public, such as with missing persons and witness appeals, but is also utilised when members of the community report suspicious behaviour in their area, to distribute important information from Dorset Police, etc. An example of this is where police have a sighting of a suspicious vehicle circling around an area, a message will go out via Dorset Alert to ensure residents in that area are aware of the suspicious activity and help to prevent them falling victim to any potential crime.

We are always looking for new volunteers for various activities so if you are able to help in any way please contact us vian any of the following ways:

Chairman Pat Halliday Mobile: 07464 857801



Or fill out the contact form below

ADW contact form...

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Current Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

The current national Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter is now available for download. Please right click and 'save as...' below to download a copy, it and previous editions with be also be added to the 'Newsletter Downloads' section of the navigation menu

National Neighbourhood Watch Current Newsletter

Association Of Dorset Watches 'Stay Safe' Leaflet

'Stay Safe' is a booklet produced by The Association Of Dorset Watches in association with Neighbourhood Watch as a free guide offering advice on all manners of personal safety including Fire Safety, Home Security and Fraud Prevention, as well as many more. It offers useful tips on all types of safety precautions from services like the Fire Brigade and Dorset Police, advice on what security products you should own and reputable suppliers from which they're available, as well as a directory of useful contacts for any further help and information you may need. You can have a flick through below (Swipe with mouse or on touchscreen to turn pages) Alternatively copies of the booklet are available for free as a PDF download from this website (link below) or to obtain a printed copy contact ADW.

Download the ADW 'Stay Safe' leaflet here (PDF)

Promote Your Watch

The Association of Dorset Watches has a number of promotional items available for the leaders of local watches within the region to use at events. These include tear drop flags and pull-up banners as shown in the photo gallery below (Swipe images left or right with mouse or on touchscreen to scroll through the gallery).

As well as these we are also offering 'Beware Of Scams' stickers and note pads both of which can be given away, hopefully these will be particularly useful by the phones or computers of the elderly and vulnerable as a constant reminder to be cautious. Previews of both of these are available from the PDF downloads below.

Download A Sample Of The 'Beware Of Scams' Notepad (PDF)

Download A Sample Of The 'Beware Of Scams' Stickers (PDF)

Also available for Watch coordinators to use to really draw some attention to your stand (And hopefully keep kids entertained while you talk to their parents!) We also have a selection of bubble machines available for loan.

And new in 2017 ADW now have a kiddies police car ride along toy to add to the other items available to help promote you stand at events. Keep young children entertained while you talk to their parents and draw even more attention to your stand or display with this great new addition.

Security Routine At Night - Think KOPCAR!

Useful guide to night time security checks published by The Crime Prevention Website ( one a simple checklist of things to make sure you do each night before bed to avoid being the victim of a bulglary. Just remember to think KOPCAR each night!

  • Keys - remove from doors and windows. Make sure the doors, windows, car, safe and outside buildings are locked at night, before removing the keys even when, for example, you're in the lounge watching TV. Make sure they can't be stolen via a cat-flap or letterplate and that everyone in the household knows where the keys are kept in case they are needed in an emergency.
  • Outside lights- make sure they're on, but only illuminate the places around your home that can be seen by neighbours or people walking by.
  • Property - take to bed. Get into the habit of taking things like car keys, phones, cash, handbags and laptops into the bedroom at night.
  • Curtains or blinds - make sure they are closed at dusk to make sure thieves can't see though your windows to see what you've got to steal or that you're on your own. Close internal doors at night to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Alarm - set it if you have one. Some alarms provide a nighttime setting, allowing some free movement around the home while the alarm is on. Periodically check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Rest easy - now that you're secured you can relax, but can you phone the police or fire brigade from your bedroom in the event of an emergency?


If you KOPCAR at night you won't have to call a COP CAR in the morning!

To read the full article and for more advice please check out The Crime Prevention Website link for whick is provided below.

The Crime Prevention Website - Night Time Security Checklist (KOPCAR)

Dorset Trading Standards - Friends Against Scams

On the 26th January 2017 The Association of Dorset Watches held a public meeting to raise awareness of scams and how to avoid them, the meeting included highly informative talks by two guest speakers: One from Dorset Trading Standards and the other from Dorset Police's Chief Super Intendent. If you missed the meeting you can catch up on the information here.

Trading Standards 'Friends Against Scams' Presentation (PDF)

Friends Against Scams

Dorset Trading Standards

The meeting was also the official launch of this new Association of Dorset Watches, and included a hand out introductory guide to navigating it. By virtue of reading this I assume you're managing, but if you would like a copy to show anybody else who you think will find this site useful it is available for download below.

ADW Website Introductory Guide For New Users (PDF)

Dorset Road Safe Newsletter Published

A new edition of the Dorset Road Safe Newsletter has now been published. Dorset Road Safe seek to raise general awareness of examples of fantastic partnership working, geared towards improving road safety across the county, whilst encouraging Dorset residents to take advantage of the many schemes available for all road user groups to increase your personal safety and that of others when using the road network. Issues will continue to be published on a quarterly basis. Stay safe on our roads!

Message from Mark Cooper, Executive of Strategic Road Safety Partnership: "Dorset Road Safe is an organisation made up of police and partner agencies who come together for the shared purpose of reducing the number of casualties on our roads.

Our efforts are informed by statistical data, best practice and lessons learned to ensure we have a sound evidence base for our work. We focus on targeting the most vulnerable groups on our roads and overcoming the greatest risks to road safety through collaborative initiatives. We are committed to making strides towards our shared target of bringing about a 40 per cent reduction in those killed and seriously injured on Dorset roads by 2020.

Working together is integral to developing innovative solutions that directly address the causal factors behind road fatalities. Our six strategic priorities are at the heart of all education, enforcement and engineering efforts carried out to improve safety on the roads"

Download The Full Dorset Road Safe Leaflet (PDF)

Telephone Scammers Caught By Police Recording

The following is a recording of a real life telephone scam, the intended victim was the mother of a Dorset Fire & Rescue Officer who became suspicious when she was asked to hang up and phone 999 (A number reserved only for emergencies and not used verify banking!) However in the heat of the moment it is perfectly likely many people would simply think of it as calling the police, regardless of the number, and when they've had the validity confirmed give away any information the scammers require! Be sure to watch the video and see how it's done so you can make sure you and youe loved ones never fall victim to this trick.

Recording obtained April 2015 by Dorset Police and publicised by The Bournemouth Echo

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