Telephone Scammers Caught By Police Recording

The following is a recording of a real life telephone scam, the intended victim was the mother of a Dorset Fire & Rescue Officer who became suspicious when she was asked to hang up and phone 999 (A number reserved only for emergencies and not used verify banking!) However in the heat of the moment it is perfectly likely many people would simply think of it as calling the police, regardless of the number, and when they've had the validity confirmed give away any information the scammers require! Be sure to watch the video and see how it's done so you can make sure you and youe loved ones never fall victim to this trick.

Recording obtained April 2015 by Dorset Police and publicised by The Bournemouth Echo

East Dorset Blue Light Day

Join the Association of Dorset Watches at East Dorset Blue Light Day, with information and displays from Dorset Fire & Rescue Service, Dorset Police Force and South West Ambulance Service this is sure to not only be a very informative day out but also great fun for all ages.

East Dorset Blue Light Day Flyer (PDF)

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