New Neighbourhood Watch Memebers Guide Available Now

The current addition of the Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide is available now! With details of how to find your local watch, or establish one if one doesn't already exist in your area as well as numerous articles offering tips and guidance on home and personal safety. Whether you're currently a member or not the advice inside is well worth a quick read. You can view the booklet below (Swipe left or right with mouse or touchscreen to turn pages) and it is also available as a printed version from your local Neighbourhood Watch team or is available for download in PDF format one this website from the link below.

Forward By:Jacqui Hames' (Former BBC Crimewatch presenter)

"Our homes should be our refuge, a place to feel safe, kick off our shoes, relax, and be ourselves with those most dear to us. However, the world is changing so rapidly in terms of how we live and where we live and work, increasingly we've become more isolated when it comes to navigating our way safely through the everyday, and very occasionally, not-so-everyday dangers of modern living. Neighbourhood Watch has never been more relevant or more necessary than it is today. Our communities, both real and virtual, rely more than ever on a close relationship between the public and the police and this wonderful organisation does more than most to share the messages that keep us safe. I'm delighted the Home Secretary has put a Modern Crime Prevention Strategy at the top of the policing agenda. As a police officer for many years, every day I came across people who never dreamed they'd find themselves victims of crime. You can play a vital role in stopping that from happening. Whether you're an established stalwart of this wonderful organisation or just joining the community, thank you. You have, and will continue to, make a real difference to your neighbourhoods."

Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide (PDF)

ADW Meeting - Engaging With Communities

On the 26th October ADW was joined at their meeting by Dorset Police's 'Head of Communications & Engagement' Nick Cloke who gave a splendid presentation on engaging with your community. Discussing ways and means for the Police, Watch groups and the community as a whole to all work together. You can view the presentation below (Swipe left or right with mouse or touchscreen to turn pages) and it is also available for download in PDF format one this website from the link below.

Dorset Police's 'Engaging With Communities' Presentation (PDF)

Dorset Road Safe Newsletter Published

The first edition of the Dorset Road Safe Newsletter has now been published. Dorset Road Safe seek to raise general awareness of examples of fantastic partnership working, geared towards improving road safety across the county, whilst encouraging Dorset residents to take advantage of the many schemes available for all road user groups to increase your personal safety and that of others when using the road network. Issues will continue to be published on a quarterly basis. Stay safe on our roads!

Message from Mark Cooper, Executive of Strategic Road Safety Partnership: "Dorset Road Safe is an organisation made up of police and partner agencies who come together for the shared purpose of reducing the number of casualties on our roads.

Our efforts are informed by statistical data, best practice and lessons learned to ensure we have a sound evidence base for our work. We focus on targeting the most vulnerable groups on our roads and overcoming the greatest risks to road safety through collaborative initiatives. We are committed to making strides towards our shared target of bringing about a 40 per cent reduction in those killed and seriously injured on Dorset roads by 2020.

Working together is integral to developing innovative solutions that directly address the causal factors behind road fatalities. Our six strategic priorities are at the heart of all education, enforcement and engineering efforts carried out to improve safety on the roads"

Message from Martin Baker, Executive of Dorset Road Safe Tactical Group: "Around 200 people are injured on our local roads each month. Across Dorset, road casualties cost the local economy around 160 million a year, at least 5 million of which directly impacts on NHS resources. Crashes can have enormous consequences for those involved, their friends and families. The majority are almost entirely preventable.

Dorset Road Safe's vision is "to improve road safety" across the Partnership area. Road deaths should not be an acceptable or inevitable consequence of travel on the local network and all road users must work together to address the problem."

Download The Full Dorset Road Safe Leaflet (PDF)

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