Security Routine At Night - Think KOPCAR!

Useful guide to night time security checks published by The Crime Prevention Website ( one a simple checklist of things to make sure you do each night before bed to avoid being the victim of a bulglary. Just remember to think KOPCAR each night!

  • Keys - remove from doors and windows. Make sure the doors, windows, car, safe and outside buildings are locked at night, before removing the keys even when, for example, you're in the lounge watching TV. Make sure they can't be stolen via a cat-flap or letterplate and that everyone in the household knows where the keys are kept in case they are needed in an emergency.
  • Outside lights- make sure they're on, but only illuminate the places around your home that can be seen by neighbours or people walking by.
  • Property - take to bed. Get into the habit of taking things like car keys, phones, cash, handbags and laptops into the bedroom at night.
  • Curtains or blinds - make sure they are closed at dusk to make sure thieves can't see though your windows to see what you've got to steal or that you're on your own. Close internal doors at night to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Alarm - set it if you have one. Some alarms provide a nighttime setting, allowing some free movement around the home while the alarm is on. Periodically check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Rest easy - now that you're secured you can relax, but can you phone the police or fire brigade from your bedroom in the event of an emergency?


If you KOPCAR at night you won't have to call a COP CAR in the morning!

To read the full article and for more advice please check out The Crime Prevention Website link for whick is provided below.

The Crime Prevention Website - Night Time Security Checklist (KOPCAR)

Dorset Trading Standards - Friends Against Scams

On the 26th January 2017 The Association of Dorset Watches held a public meeting to raise awareness of scams and how to avoid them, the meeting included highly informative talks by two guest speakers: One from Dorset Trading Standards and the other from Dorset Police's Chief Super Intendent. If you missed the meeting you can catch up on the information here.

Trading Standards 'Friends Against Scams' Presentation (PDF)

Friends Against Scams

Dorset Trading Standards

The meeting was also the official launch of this new Association of Dorset Watches, and included a hand out introductory guide to navigating it. By virtue of reading this I assume you're managing, but if you would like a copy to show anybody else who you think will find this site useful it is available for download below.

ADW Website Introductory Guide For New Users (PDF)

New Promotional Item For 2017

New for 2017 ADW now have a kiddies police car ride along toy to add to the other items available to help promote you stand at events. Keep young children entertained while you talk to their parents and draw even more attention to your stand or display with this great new addition.

Ferndown Community Police Security Catalogue

Ferndown Police Community Office are offering a wide selection of personal safety and home/vehicle security devices, all at very good prices and with some items free to members of local watch groups! Products in stock cover everything needed for your safety and security from flourescent bands for visibility when walking at night through to security lights and cameras for your home. Full lists of the items they currently stock can be viewed in the catalogue below (Swipe with mouse or touchscreen to turn pages) the catalogue is also availalble for download as a PDF from this website and they also have all items posted on the 'Products' section of their website which will include any price changes and new released items so be sure to check there too (Links to both below).



Ferndown Community Police Product Catalogue (PDF)

For purchases Ferndown Community Police Office is open daily, except Sundays between 10am and Midday, and they are located at:

Ferndown Police Community Office, Pennys Walk, Ferndown, BH22 9TH

(And free parking is available at the adjacent Tesco store)

New Items Available From ADW

New items now available for ADW branches and members: Trolley coins, purse bells, new Neighbourhood Watch sticker, pouches for credit and debit cards to safeguard against identity theft plus a double ended marker pen - both uv and permanent pen marking. As well as our 'Scam warning' stickers and notepads, which are perfect for sticking to the door and telephone of any vulnerable people you may know to remind them to be cautious of unsolicted callers.

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